Crochet hook roll

Well I say roll, it folds three times, half hearted roll?

We are heading off on holiday soon and seeing as it is a long car journey I bought myself some crochet hooks and yarn to keep my hands busy. This nifty little holder should make them less attractive to the baby boy and his cousin who are coming with us. Fingers crossed anyway.




You are right it does need ironing. Not my strong point I’m afraid.

This is the tutorial I used if anyone would like to give it a go.

Happy sewing all.


Birthday bunting

Firstly I must apologise for the picture quality. My camera is officially dead 😦 poor thing I was going to make it a little case and everything. This means i am left with the camera on my iPad. Which really does have awful picture quality. Someone else must have noticed this. They are so very expensive and yet the camera is awful. Apple let the side down with that one.

Moving swiftly on I give you baby boy’s birthday bunting.




There we go. Lovely easy project (assuming you don’t buy the wrong bias tape first time)

Happy sewing all

Heart tote bag


This didn’t go exactly as I would have liked but that’s what you get for trying to wing it. I used this tutorial as a guide. The bag doesn’t have any lining but uses French seams so they aren’t on display.



My bias binding came so hopefully I will be able to finish the birthday bunting today. Yay.

Since getting Susie the serenade I have been utterly terrified of breaking her. But tonight I was feeling bold. I made this pouch with some scraps and the zip I got for pennies in the sale. This of course required using the zipper foot. It really was much less scary then I had convinced myself. Not only that the bobbin ran out of and I managed to replace it and rethread the machine with no problems. Sadly I got rather over excited about this. Luckily no one noticed 🙂

Anyway the pouch. I started off looking at a fair few tutorials but in the end I winged it. It’s just four pieces of fabric (two lining, two outer) covered zip ends, all sewn together.




As I said I didn’t use one tutorial so I have no specific links but you can google some tutorials easily enough.

Pocket tissue holders


As I bought the wrong bias binding for my bunting project and am awaiting the arrival of the correct one. I decided to try these which I have been eyeing up for a while. They are the kind of project that you can turn out a few in an hour and get some instant gratification. Perfect project for beginners too.




This tutorial is the one I used. Very simple and easy to understand.

Originally I was thinking I may be able to give these as Christmas gifts. But the more I think about it the less convinced I am that any thing I make is present worthy. Anyone else feel this way about the things they make? I think I need some ideas for boosting my confidence.

Happy sewing all.

Quick Pincusion


Just a quickie tonight. I needed something to do with my hands whilst watching WWE Summerslam. As I don’t own a pincusion it seemed a good idea. Otherwise I will be forever finding pins in the carpet. I used a scrap of fabric and put felt on the back so its nice and soft on my wrist. Some ribbon and a little wooden button and here we go 🙂


I finally got it! My sewing machine. Well actually I got it on monday but have been too busy playing with it.


Beautiful 🙂 it’s actually a pretty good machine considering the price. Only jammed once and I am pretty sure that was down to my in experience. I must admit I was scared of it at first, adament that as soon as I put my foot down on the presser foot the poor thing would be able to sense my lack of skill and simply explode. Thankfully this did not happen.
Maybe I should name it. Betty? Susie? Anyway I digress.

The nameless sewing machine and I have been working on the birthday bunting. All but one of the flags are complete.





One more flag to go, then sewing it to the bias tape and voila! I shall post a pic when completed.

P.S please excuse the picture quality my camera needs batteries and so I had to use my camera on my phone 😦

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